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Centre de Sécurité


Review the FTC's comprehensive library on safe job searching!

Welcome to the Monster Security Center

Monster is dedicated to providing the safest possible environment for you to search for jobs and manage your career. To assist with that goal, we ask that you keep a few simple security precautions in mind when evaluating job postings on Monster and job opportunities that you may receive unsolicited via email.

For example, it's possible that you may encounter fraudulent job opportunities when searching for jobs online, or you may receive fraudulent email that has had the sender's email address forged to make it appear as if it came from Monster. Such practices are a violation of Monster's Terms of Use and may be a criminal violation of federal and/or state law.

Regrettably, all online companies are susceptible to occasional scams. While Monster makes every effort to prevent this abuse, it is not immune to such activity. To help you conduct a safer job search, we've assembled the following security-related articles and resources. Familiarizing yourself with this information will help you better manage your career.

Main Topics

Effectuer une recherche d’emploi sûre

Quelques mesures simples, et un peu d'information peuvent rendre votre recherche d'emploi efficace et sans danger !

Conducting a Safe Job Search

A few simple steps, and a little bit of information can keep your job search safe and effective!

Eviter le vol d’identité

Le vol d'identité est l'un des crimes dont la croissance est la plus rapide à travers le globe. Voici quelques conseils pour vous protéger.

Avoiding Identity Theft

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes across the globe. Here are some tips to protect yourself.